Farmers First

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The Farmers First Creed – “Uniting farmers with your family”

It all begins with farmers, their families, and their enormous commitment and passion to properly grow and harvest extraordinary coffee and tea. You will taste this personal attention in every cup from a “Farmers First” grower.

We believe that farmers should be rewarded for hand-crafting your journey towards an exceptional coffee or tea experience. Farmers and their communities should not be secondary to the needs of a cooperative, but instead be the direct recipients of a “fair price.”

Farmers First – What We Believe

The name “Farmers First” says it all. We care about people. We want to see farmers succeed, their families healthy, and their communities thriving. By purchasing Farmers First coffees and visiting this site, we know you care as well. Thank you for supporting our efforts!

In order to truly make a difference, Farmers First supports an open market wherein both farmers and buyers are educated; complete transparency in the process exists; and farmers receive direct rewards for producing high-quality crops.

In addition to supporting an open market, Farmers First adheres to the following tenets:

A Truly Fair Price

  • The Highest Quality Product
  • Radical Transparency
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Beneficial Support

A simple, powerful method.

In the end, while Farmers First recognizes that Fair Trade practices do good, their model also contains fundamental issues and concerns.

For instance, under Fair Trade a farmer who does not care to produce quality can join a fair trade co-op. As a result of this membership, the farmer may gain a better price for an inferior product than he would in an open market. But a farmer committed to growing an exceptional product will also need to join the same co-op, and as a result will make less money than he could with a superior product in an open market.

It is this flattening of such things as standards of living, efforts toward quality, and the power of free enterprise that Farmers First seeks to address. As indicated under the Farmers First tenets:

  • Directly paying farmers for their enormous effort and care in growing exceptional crops will continue the growth of exceptional crops
  • Enabling farmers to make important decisions for their families will also allow for substantial improvements in their communities
  • And, creating a transparent and audited process that allows all farmers, purchasing businesses, and discerning consumers to know what is happening will radically change business and social outcome

Farmers First is a revolution in freedom and a powerful way to do a world of good.

So sit back and enjoy your Farmers First coffee, knowing it was grown, harvested and sold in the most social and environmentally sustainable way.