Liquid Lab

Liquid Planet's Liquid Lab


Liquid Lab is our testground/playground for the best drink related products on the planet (and often, for the planet). Our team of beverage buffs (we’d say connoisseurs but that may be a bit pretentious) review products based on their functionality, design, ease of use, utility in the market-place, price/value and, of course, the quality of the product itself (think tea or coffee) as well as the product it creates (think coffee maker). Our Liquid Lab team consists of a handful of such buffs (maybe nerds?) that will thoroughly test and review all products on this site. If a product doesn’t meet the Liquid Planet BEST OF BEVERAGE standard, we won’t sell it!

Liquid Lab Planets


Our rating system is based on a scale of planets 1-9 (yes, Pluto, we will always count you as a planet) 1 being poor and 9 being out of this world. Yes, we could have gone stars (equally apropos, but we will leave the stars to customer reviews). If a product doesn’t get an average rating of at least 6 out of 9 planets – it doesn’t belong here. The rest will have their place on the Liquid Planet site with all the information you need to make an informed decision, but with the knowledge that it has been fully Liquid Lab vetted.  If you want to suggest a product for a Liquid Lab review please email us at with the subject line “Liquid Lab”.