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Aerolatte Grande Milk Heater & Frother

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The Lexus of Cappuccino Makers!

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Italian style Cappuccinos are seconds away with the Aerolatte® Grande heat and froth machine.  It’s like the Lexus of frothers, so don’t be duped by cheap knock-offs, this is the real deal, delivering 149° perfectly frothed milk for lattés, cocoas and cooler milk for milkshakes!


  • Creates perfect foam in 20 seconds, ensuring a perfect cappuccino every time
  • Works perfectly for lattés, hot chocolate, flat whites, milkshakes and any other milk drinks
  • Fully automatic with detachable base and easy to identify buttons for Hot or Cold froth
  • Includes 2 attachments: original Aerolatte spiral whisk attachment and warming paddle attachment
  • Large Capacity  – 16oz (makes appx. 4 cups)

Works with all types of milk: whole milk, skim milk, almond milk and soy milk, though full fat milks will, by nature, froth best.

Additional Info


For the best results, pre-warm the cup and gently stir the frothed milk with a long-stemmed spoon before serving.


Wipe the inside of the unit down after each use. When milk heats, the proteins will form a small layer at the bottom of the jug. This should be wiped off after each use or the protein layer might burn on the next use.



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